I Don’t Have It All Together.

I Don’t Have It All Together.

It’s easy to peek into someone else’s life and imagine theirs to be much easier than yours.

Like that mom at the preschool who always has makeup on and her hair fixed. Or that girl on Instagram whose life looks perfect in those tiny squares. Or the girl at work who always is on time. Or the couple in your community group who has the perfect marriage. Or the friend who always remembers your birthday AND buys you a present. Or the girl at church with the cutest clothes. Or the friend who gets pregnant when her husband looks at her. Or the family at the restaurant with the most obedient children. Or the couple who never worries about money. Or the friend with the best family. 

I’m through believing the lie that they all have it together. 

Lost in the List

It’s 3:15 and I’m exhausted, but I can’t sleep.Lately, I’ve found myself getting lost in my list. It’s exhausting. And very frustrating.  And the enemy knows this about me. I slowly start to believe the lies he whispers,...